Fall Wear OOTD

wig- ebay
jacket- gift
shirt- ebay
scarf & jeans- forever21
shoes- ebay
plugs- urban body jewelry
It's amazing to walk out wearing layers and not die from the heat within five minutes. I love these cloudy and cooler days. It's easier to fall asleep now that it's actually cold at night. The only bad part is that my puppy is a sun baby and whines at the sky for it to come out. 💔

I'll like to create one craft thing to share each month. I actually made a jellyfish back in July (so late!) and things got busy for me. I also lost track of the pattern but luckily I found the paper for it. I'm currently testing it out {again} just to be sure then type it up! Very soon I'll share my fox shoes diy!!  :D

I have been busy nonstop for the past 3 days. My goal for this month is to make $400. It's a bit higher than what I normally make each month but I have high hopes it'll be possible.

Thank you for your words & donations!!

Whoever opened up a shop using my link awhile ago, a huge thanks for you because my etsy bill was cut more than half!!!

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