Fox Shoes DIY

Here's my fox shoes I did awhile back. I was inspired by my past project here. I had turned crocheted mary janes into a kitty! I really wanted to make a fox this time but with actual shoes so it could be worn without damaging it. Should I have gotten orange shoes instead? Hmm but I do like complementary colors... :)

The shoes I bought from here.  First I sketched a basic head to get an idea on the shape. I put a piece of felt over the shoe and cut a large rough shape around it. I slowly started trimming out the overall shape and ears, cut out the other details and went to sewing! Another piece of felt was added behind the head to give the ears a raised look.

My original plan had included safety eyes but I only had three at the time.  The shoes were pretty easy to push a needle through to sew the pieces on. 

What sort of DIY's have you done? Share links!

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