Latest Premade Designs

Don't you hate it when the ideas start pouring in and you really don't have time to do any of it? I have lists after lists to remind myself! Can I be an octopus so I could draw, design/code and crochet at the same time?! I barely have time to finish one project. Maybe it's break aka adventure time. Someplace or something new.

These are my latest premade designs! I have been into cursive + hand written fonts, borders and floral art. I didn't realize how fun and easy it was to use a tablet. It was no way comfortable for me to use one with a desktop though. Laptop + comfortable on bed= so much yes!

I also got around to finishing one of my first layout designs (Galaxy Forever)  can you see the date?? Better late than never? haha

I'll love to update my old patterns and get some new pictures for it but it requires tweaking the pattern, finding people to test, doing final tweaks and photos. It doesn't seem a lot but I have over 20 patterns. I'll add it to my list! 😪

A new pattern each month will be returning soon.
Most likely brown fox since I have most of it ready to go!!

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