Skirt from Bear And Twine

flower clip+belt- forever21
top- ebay
skirt- bear and twine

Sunset a little before 5pm.

I have created a wishlist for myself as motivation after the no spending ban :) Obviously I'm super in love with florals but I wanted this specific item within my budget: blue/mint skirt with pink floral. Yep, I cheated...I managed to find the piece in Bear And Twine. It was also on sale so that was a sign to buy for me. I am a sucker for a good price. Absolutely love it and fits amazingly!

I am not going out for Black Friday this year. It's always a waste of time. We end up standing in line for hours and the items advertised in ads were NEVER in store in the first place. Dudeeeee 😫 I'm going to be online shopping if the deals are awesome.  I really need a winter coat asap. It's starting to get freezing. :( 

What are your favorite clothing shops?

I'm having a Black Friday sale over at Silent Daisy. Take 20% off with coupon code BF20off on Blogger layouts :)

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