Sunset EOTD

I have decided to post regular EOTD's because ALL of my palettes are broken. I hate having them out since being uncovered just gets in the way and could easily turn into a huge mess! I'll love to get new ones and protect them (aka store better)>

I'm on the lookout for a liquid liner if anyone knows a good one. Something that stays put and dries matte. I normally use Maybelline's gel liner but their black has not be in stock every single time I go and try to buy one. (!!!)  It's pricey online and I'm a huge cheapo ;D I accidentally bought the 'charcoal' one months ago and it just doesn't hold up at all! :(

I have trichotillomania and it has been kicking my butt lately. Decided to just go for it and tweeze most of the hair underneath so it doesn't seem so patchy. I found out the majority of my eyebrow crushes actually draw it on too. I feel less weird!!

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