Tardis OOTD

hat- silent daisy
plugs- C/O urban body jewelry
top/tights/shoes- goodwill
skirt: crossroads

This top was hidden in the male's section. I thought it was a regular bulky graphic tee but it's smaller at the waist..someone messed up at Goodwill! Yay though because it would have cost more than double if it were in the women's section. I think that is quite lame.

*OOTD inspired by Jenny + Roxy *

The Day of the Doctor didn't disappoint. I won't spoil any details because it's still fairly new. :) I MUST SAY I AM SUPER EXCITED THO. That is one thing that I have always been curious about so I'm glad that things are going in a different direction.  Only more adventures will come from it. Tbh, I'm already ready for a new champion even though I LOVE Clara.

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