I'm back!

Hello everyone! Excited to share that Passionfruit Ads has come up with a new plan called the Sweetheart Package. It's $3 per month or $19 per year with this Holiday Sale. You get one site, unlimited ad spots for Swaps and ONE paid ad spot. Perfect for the beginner or someone on a budget :)

Soooooo I'm back on PF! I am starting over basically. I would much prefer to be blogger friends rather than just someone's site that just put up your button and you don't get much interaction. My Large ad size is buy one, get next month FREE. You can take a look here!

Unrelated ramblings...

The last two months were pretty hectic and now it's time to breathe. It was the FIRST Thanksgiving that my mom didn't make the food and I thought we might not pull it off. It was a success! Too many leftovers. My food baby has it's own baby.

I'm starting to feel like a full time everything into one. I see this as my life and can't picture it any different. I wonder if I should focus on one or a few things just to become more successful in it. I can't choose because I love blogging, photography and just CREATING. Does 'creating' count as one?!

It's been on my mind for awhile to change my blog name to something else. I am super horrible with names. An online friend had given me the name "Candypow" but it's so 2008 for me. That's five years (!!!) I'm thinking of using my tumblr name "Dainty Fawn" but I'm afraid to see if that is taken already haha. I got an email saying that tumblr account was over a year old! So crazy how much time flies by. It's going to be 2014 soon and then I'll turn 23. 

OH. I was attempting to shop for winter clothing during Black Friday sales but there was basically cropped everything and in this weather is a HUGE no-go! Crop sweaters?? haha I need to get rid of clothing again. No room for anything. Brittney suggested that I do a Shop My Closet. Is that thing successful? Is it on your blog or instagram? Help a noob!!

/Rambling end

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