What I Wore 2013

2013 was the year of a new job and tons of thrifting! Tired of seeing myself as a person that CAN'T. No more excuses... I'm glad that I just went for it. If you're thinking about doing something then DO IT.

It sucks feeling like you're in the sideline/going nowhere and too scared to try.  So I'm going to work on becoming more social and hanging out with new people.  It's time for me to start making friends with people that really mesh with me, if that makes any sense? Some friendships I need to let go because it's borderline toxic.

My online presence has been on and off lately.  I took breaks from blogging a couple of times and the last one was because of my mom! (**warning: picture of a covered up amputation**) The bad experiences with photography on top of that,  I couldn't take it anymore and had to step away.

I needed some time to breathe  and felt so discouraged since October.  The day after Christmas I shot some candid's of my beautiful friend in her wedding dress and it was the extra push I needed!  (I'll be sharing these soon.)  Plus I randomly started a 365 project last week to share pictures and art!  Picking up my DSLR should be a nearly daily thing.

It feels like last weekend was my first break in a long time thanks to the holidays!

What are your plans for New Years?

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