Blue Everything

cardigan, top & shorts- forever21   bag- jototes   makeup- coastal scents

I got my first Coastal Scents palette during their half off sale. I rarely wear shimmer eyeshadows so this is new to me. There's so many brights colors it's a tad overwhelming but should be fun once I figure out color combinations. It is pretty difficult to get some close up shots of my eyes though. Do people just crop their photos? Share your secrets, beauty bloggers!! I have another option I'll try out later.

The high waisted jeans I ordered last month didn't fit and I had to go exchange it.  Now the fit is amazing and  I'm excited to give up dresses for winter. Apparently there was a sale going on if you buy one, the next is $10.  The nice lady ended up giving me back monies.  I honestly rarely go shopping in the mall so I didn't know that would even apply to an exchange.

I feel like I have had a food baby for weeks. We make yummy food for Thanksgiving and basically repeat it for Christmas. I've been doing very simple and short workouts.. so far seeing a difference in strength with my arms!  Hope everyone had fun over the holidays.

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