On our way to... Healthy!

These were taken back in 2011.

Back then we were actually cooking meals at home and I had much more free time to squeeze in yoga. Within two years of unhealthy choices I have gained up to 30 pounds.  For the past 6 weeks or so I have been doing daily small workouts! I'm really out of shape and tend to get too sore to function so baby steps... 

I bought a bunch of nice jeans a month ago that I felt comfortable in and recently those were on the verge of not buttoning. That was a wake up call for me! I work up to 16 hours a day and made zero room for exercise beyond daily chores.   This isn't the life I want. My hours are decreased and I won't be taking on any custom work just to focus on myself.

I love that I'm not the only one making the choice for a healthier lifestyle! It's much easier to do things with another person. I'm so happy that I won the book  Happy Herbivore Light & Lean!! PERFECT TIMING.

This book has so much helpful information for a noob like me that doesn't know where to start.  I actually brought it with me to the farmer's market because there's a shopping list inside.  Honestly, I'm not all that adventurous with my food and I can eat the same things over.  I'm excited to try new things out especially when a good amount of the recipes have optional hot sauce/salsa. YES PLEASE.

Plus I'm one of those people that says they don't like something when they don't try it. I've never tried GRAPES in a salad before.  Obviously, I have been missing out on that flavor.

We are eating mostly vegan recipes but we aren't going vegan since I'm not sure if he can give up meat fully or if I can give up cheese. I created a board on Pinterest just collecting recipes. It's Day 4 since we've been making meals from the cookbook and I have dropped 4 pounds since New Years.

I'll be tracking my workouts, sharing meals, etc on here! :] PLEASE DO SHARE any simple workouts, meals, tips, etc!!

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