Photo Series: Editing Process

Ever since I've been using Manual mode, I'm starting to feel extremely confident! Like a pro. I don't know if I could call myself that yet because it feels strange. Then again there's people starting out in photography and calling themselves that already. So I suppose why not??

I'm going to share my editing process from the photos I shared last week. Here's the before and after:

I personally like to retouch things first before changing the overall look of the image.  That way if you don't like the color effect or anything, you can go back to the retouched original and start over. My plan is to remove the people in the back, the girl's head and make this image pop but in a subtle way.

I have a second image with the pathway more exposed. I'll be putting that in this image to make for an easier and quick removal. Other methods like Clone Stamp, Healing Brush or Fill may lose detail.
I LOVE layers. I always make a copy of the background layer (in this case it's Layer 2) just in case I need to go back to the original and get detail back.

1. I increased the canvas size and pasted the second image onto this layer. I did a black layer mask and painted with a white soft brush to reveal the pathway. 

2. I pasted the second image again and moved the grass part over it. I used a black layer mask and painted white to reveal the grass.

3. I merge the layer down and made a duplicate layer. I lassoed over the girl's face, did  Edit> Fill and make sure the opacity is at 100%. Usually this works pretty well the first time.

I love using Fill but you have to merge down after you use it.  It usually doesn't work if you do it again.

4. I used the patch tool to move around some pieces of grass.  I'm not really worried whether this looks fake or not for this particular image. I could use content aware fill or patch it so more, even use a soft blur on it!

5. I lassoed around the people, the bird and some of the pond water showing.  I used the same thing: Edit> Fill. 

6. I used my Dawn Action to give these beautiful colors a pop! I put a layer mask on the dawn layer and used a soft black brush to get the original skin color back. 

7. I wanted more of a pop. I used Florabella's  LOVE from Luxe II and lowered the whole action to 47%.

8. I sharpened the image and done!

The rest of the images didn't need retouching and just enhanced the colors :)  It was really beautiful.

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If you want me to do a before and after of your image to share on the blog.. then send me a high resolution to  thedaintyfawn [at!]gmail.com. Preferably outdoor ones. I'll choose one or two :)

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