spring outfit in winter ootd

The knit top and bag were part of my Princess Bubblegum costume that just didn't happen. Might dress up at a later time :)  I don't know if you could tell by pictures but the bag quality is cheapies. I really like it, kind of reminds me of a toy? haha It fits my tiny sketchbooks and everything random I bring out!

I finally figured out how to color correct my photos to bring out my actual hair colors. The dye I chose is blue based so it looks like most of it is already blended/gone in comparison to the freshly dyed look. Sadness times a million. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good purple?

I am considering a haircut. Baby steps first! I haven't had one in years so my hair is just one length. I can't seem to do a normal side/middle part with my hairline without it becoming all piecey.  Of course, I'll love to have Zooey Decshannel bangs. But you know what? Nope. I'm going to try to get some bangs like Ashley's! The shorter kind. Just to try it out and so I don't have to do trims every few days. It's kinda drastic for me and I'm scared hahaha.

Don't you hate it when something is so cute on somebody else but when it's you, it's just.. no. I think that's going to happen and I already accept it. 


knit top- ebay crop top-gojane skirt- bear & twine    shoes- payless  plugs- urbanbodyjewelry

I ordered my first strapless bra. It's a Lilyette bra on Bare Necessities! Apparently it's a minimizer and decreases size by two inches, so I'm in love.  I was going to do a comparison wearing the same outfit but would that be too weird? haha

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