Valentine's Day: Cards!

Have you bought your Valentine's Day cards already? I thought about doing something handmade but decided this year, I wanted something cute and not made by me! haha I know some people are not into this day but I like any excuse to buy something handmade or make a gift for my boyfriend. Definitely doesn't have to be expensive or even cost money since the little things count.

 Here are some of my favorites..

AvoArt Valentine's Day Cards

Avo Art has some cute illustrations of animals! If you want something a little naughty, there is a card for that!! :3 Order now to get 25% off on all items with BEMYVALENTINE25 before it expires January 26th!

Scrawny Girl Valentine's Day Cards

Scrawny Girl has some adorable watercolour cards! You can also order the card and a brooch. That would be a nice gift!! If you order 3 cards, you get one free... scoop it up here!

MyZoetrope I actually ordered a birthday card from here recently! How cute are these?? That octopus!!

I'm considering doing something handmade as an extra. No details because he might read this. It always feels like there's plenty of time to do something then before you know, it's the night before. This way there's no pressure on me and I get something cute for him.

What are you getting for your significant other or friends? :3

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