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I'm finally sharing our first shoot of 2014!  The initial plan was to shoot outdoors but we ran out of sunlight fast and had to use our portable studio setup. I'm using a wide angle lens that I'm so in love with. It's the Rokinon 35mm. I have a crop sensor camera (Canon 7D) and I love it but it's near impossible to shoot in tight areas. This is just amazing to work with PLUS I'm more of a manual focus person anyways. :)

The instant it was taken and saw it pop up on the LCD screen, it was going to be my favorite.  I couldn't believe how bright her eyes came out naturally.  The lighting just made them pop!

We were way overdo for some business cards.  There's also another design but that's probably in the car.

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I have two photo sessions to edit, two layouts to make and a never ending to-do list to complete.  I love that I'm doing a 365 project again because I'm always creating something and maybe I'll finally get back into drawing. Obviously that doesn't mean I'll ever get around to completing any WIP's!!!

Happy Monday!!

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