Dove's Advanced Care with Nutrium Moisture

I was one of those people that would sweat A LOT when I was a teenager. I would avoid shaking hands for this reason. Thankfully it's not that extreme anymore. I have always used various brands of deodorant but that honestly didn't make anything better. You get the stuff that does absolutely nothing to keep you dry, the product itself never dries, it's itchy/irritating, there's nothing for odor and/or doesn't last long.

Just a few years ago, I had found a gel one that worked 80% of the time but was slightly itch. :( I would rather suck it up than feel gross! Thanks to Influenster for last year's box because I had found my holy grail product then. Huge improvement in comparison because it worked for almost a full day  but the deodorant was so tiny that I'll lose it too often.

Now? This is even better. Officially this is my new HG!  Dove's Advanced Care with Nutrium Moisture actually does the 48 hours for me. A++ for you, Dove!! I'm usually not a fan of theirs but this is my favorite now. I wasn't even aware they had this type too. I do like the packaging and that it's a normal size so now it'll be much more difficult to lose this haha.

I like that it's creamy and you don't need to put much on. It does take awhile for it to settle and dry but I'll totally take it. It does feel a bit moisturizing, I'm assuming is because of the oils? I'm not big on fragances especially florals but this actually smells nice and it's light on my nose.

This one is supposed to help skin repair itself from shaving damage. I'm sure all of us know by now that shaving takes off the top layer of skin.  Aren't you supposed to lotion up after shaving and does anyone really do that for their underarms? haha.  Well, this is pretty awesome.

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