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Sunday was a last minute trip to a thrift store. It's basically a hole in the wall. Inside of the buildings look like a hoarder organized everything. It takes some time to dig through things. I wanted to look at vintage clothing but immediately got pulled into the crafts section and found these...

Floral Pattern Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

I fell in love with all the florals! It's my weakness. I wanted to grab more fabric too but there was SO much of it. Thrift stores in my area are not that cheap. Grabbed these two and picked up some various zippers from a box. I prepared myself to pay like $30. Nope. All of that was under $5. So shocking, now you are my favorite store.

Vintage Zippers
Vintage Zippers
Vintage Zippers
My favorite is the 1913 one!

It's time for me to get back into sewing again. I used to make some felt plushies. Hopefully learn how to make a skirt! There's enough fabric for me to basically mess up but I'm thinking of just picking up something else for practice.

I stopped posting my 365 on tumblr but I'm still creating something daily! My favorite craft store had several coupons for that day only and ended up picking paper + pens! I seriously LOVE their app because they will scan it  from the phone. You are doing it right, Michaels. 

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle

Inspired by Kelly Lee Dekay

Strawberry Pin Girl

Lauren Calaway

Amanda the Modern June Cleaver at Junebugs and Georgia Peaches

I can't wrap my head around drawing wrinkles/folds. Such a pretty dress!!!

A quick sketch of Sailor Moon. I'm surprised I could even do this considering I felt like a sick zombie. Back in Janurary I had gotten sick and for weeks I've been trying to get over a nasty cough. Nope. I am back to being sick again.

**Any tips for sewing a skirt? **

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