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These are too cute not to share... I won these super cute cards & postcards from a giveaway weeks ago. From the whimsical, kawaii & geeky paper goods Etsy shop: Word To Your Unicorn.

A little nostalgia over these cartoons. I miss having the time to watch cartoons nonstop. Now shows are basically background noise haha.  I have been thinking of having a Studio Ghibli movie marathon  soon and get right back to watching Daria from the start. I really love the late 80's and 90s.

Word To Your Unicorn- Dalek

Super kawaii daleks.  These caught my eye first!
Word To Your Unicorn- Gaz
Word To Your Unicorn- Zim & Dib
Word To Your Unicorn- Gir
Word To Your Unicorn- Totoro & Ponyo
Word To Your Unicorn- No Face & Jiji
Word To Your Unicorn- Ms. Pacman
Word To Your Unicorn- Pacman
Word To Your Unicorn-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Word To Your Unicorn- Bob's Burgers
Word To Your Unicorn
Word To Your Unicorn
Word To Your Unicorn

Word To Your Unicorn

I'm probably going to be hoarding these for awhile until I'm comfortable with the idea of possibly putting my ickle handwriting in something so good. I will be keeping the Daleks, Gaz & Tina all to myself! Those are my top favorites :3 The person behind these adorable and awesome cards is Stewie! You can follow her blog ♥  

She recently added some new awesome stickers making Evil CUTE.  There's also a Dalek sticker and a Voldemort one!!!

Kawaii Maleficent Needs Love Too

Kawaii Loki Needs Love Too

What's your favorite?

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