Photographer's Wishlist

Tripod: My camera and heaviest lens were too much for my old one and now it's broken again. So definitely have to look into finding something that will hold that PLUS my external flash.

Softboxes: We already have some lights but I'm ready to branch out to using some softboxes. There's probably better ones out there that are still budget friendly.. Does anyone recommend any? :)

Lens Hood: The lens hood on my 85mm broke recently. It's scary for me to have a lens all exposed like that. Extra paranoid haha. I'll get one off of Ebay later for like $6.

Transmitter: I was able to use my external flash off-camera because the 7D had a built-in flash (sent a signal to it). My new camera doesn't have a built-in flash so need to get a transmitter! I'll have to look into options for something more budget friendly because whoa you are too expensives~

Shutter Release Remote: Someone had blogged about this awhile back and I managed to only remember it by one of amazon's emails! haha. I'll love to play around with the interval and long exposure timers.

Are you looking to buy any cameras, equipment, gadgets?

Here's an update on this post about Bella.

Apparently she has an abscess. The vet walked in and immediately told us what it was before sticking his fingers in her mouth to check. She will get X-rays to be 100% sure before doing the oral surgery. We decided to get her hernia's fixed at the same time as well as spayed. I'm super nervous because she's ready to go in Tuesday. I'll probably be freaking out. No idea how she's going to be afterwards. I thought it was kind of rude when they included an overpriced E-Collar. Plus a micro chip that we didn't even ask for. Not necessary! -__-

This is much more expensive because of the oral surgery. SIGH times a million. If you need a new Blogger design, I am having a special at a reduced price~ More info here.

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