Somedays aren't yours at all

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I wish I could wear sweaters but most are super itchy. I usually don't like long sleeves either. This is the only one I own and I'm thinking I should just get rid of it. I'm definitely not a small and I ordered this off of H&M in a size medium. I wasn't aware it was one of those loose oversized ones. I know I can fit my boyfriend in it with me! Love the color though!

Sorry that I haven't been active. I'm trying not to stress out over a number of things. I had posted a picture of Bella's face awhile ago. It was swollen and eventually went down but soon came back at random. Her face's been swollen for a nearly a week ranging from bad to worse. We had gone to the vet weeks earlier and did what she told us to do. It has to be some sort of infection or tooth issue, right? She has an appointment later today.

It's weird because she's eating and drinking fine. She's not in pain and isn't scratching at it either.  I'm sure she's not even aware. I did Google a little but stopped when it mentioned it will probably have to be drained.

Hope your Monday is better than ours!

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