What I Wore- Pastel Florals

The Moon Song by Karen O on Grooveshark

dress- thrifted  |  shoes- thrifted  |  cowl- handmade

This dress hid from me for awhile. Spring + this dress= yes?? It's been slightly warmer outside and makes me want sit outside except four dogs will come at me. haha

I ordered my very first makeup traincase and I didn't know how huge those were. Both of my jewelry boxes broke recently so this is just perfect.  I'm able to store it all plus lots of random things.  My old makeup box now holds all of my sewing stuff! No more random needles out on my desk.

Feeling lots more organized now. 

I'm in the mood to crochet now that I barely have yarn left. OF COURSE.  I recently finished crocheting a blanket and a hat.  Soon I'll be able to take pictures and share the pattern for the hat :3  I have lots of orange and blue left... not sure what else I could make with it yet!

Ohhh thank you all for your kind words! ♥ ♥ ♥

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