Birthday Wishlist +

My birthday is in one month so this means time to put together a wishlist of everything I think I need.

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Copic markers, Sailor Moon and aliens. Yes to it all! I have accumulated enough ebay bucks to get two small sets of ciao and now I want more! It's weird that I haven't really colored any of my traditional art other than the occasional watercolour or sharpie. I am currently reading Sailor Moon and hopefully can catch up on the series soon. :D

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Yes... more Sailor Moon! I'll like to own some cute graphic leggings or cute puppy bags. The hot cheetos earrings seem so me. I love it hahaha. ALSO.. there are mint Doc Martens???? How did I not know this? I currently own purple ones ♥ but the quality is too amazing and I won't be needing to replace them for forever probably.

April 17th is actually our 4 year anniversary! I got him a shirt of his favorite band. He already knows since I made him choose which one & color haha.. just to be safe. A little jealous because I wanted one too but I'll rather have high waisted swim bottoms for now.

Does anyone have anything on their wishlists?!

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