Broadway Nails UniVoxBox Review

Press-on manicures are supposed to be easy and more convivenent but really wish glue was included in the box. It claims to last up to a week but these never last a whole day. I put these on my left hand as a test and was able to type for a few hours (surprisingly!) before the popping off began. It can go back on but the adhesive isn't that sticky anymore. I ended up painting over these with some L.A. Colors polish because not a fan of this brown color haha.

What is the secret to these to last? Don't move at all? The box says you can take these off with polish remover but you can just pop these off so easily. I tried a fresh set this morning for a second go and was super hopeful after pressing extra firm on these. It didn't even last 10 minutes and all I did was pick up my camera carefully. Please add some glue in this!

The only good thing about this was that the sizes were smaller and it actually fit me much better in comparison to past products. It's easy to apply.  There's 24 nail covers in 12 sizes and it actually tells you what size to place these on your nails. I'll be saving these for later when I get some glue. 

I'll be sharing reviews for 1-2 products from the UniVoxBox that Influenster sent. This will be my last box from them.  You basically fill out a survey to see if you qualify. I do remember answering several questions and receiving items I can't even use.  It just seems like a waste when someone else could have gotten those products instead of me.

Item was sent to me from Influenster for review purposes.

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