New Slang by The Shins on Grooveshark

jacket + shirt- hot topic  |  skirt - thrifted  | moc's- payless | plugs- plug club (similar)

I thought it would be fun to put together a somewhat cute but MOSTLY lazy outfit. It was super windy! It's supposed to rain for the next four days and all I want is to be wrapped up in blankets. Watch Netflix all day, eat everything, lazy blob.

Before anyone asks about the Edward Scissorhands jacket, it's probably around ten years old by now haha. I haven't seen anything similar in a long time.. if there is of any, send links please!

I don't really like April Fools' day.. especially when people joke about breaking up, cheating or coming out as gay.  stahp it ron!  The tumblr pro thing was funny especially when someone put their avatar as Brendon Urie.

Who else is excited for The Mindy Project returning tonight??  

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