Love, Teacup Kisses ♡

This cute booty is on my phone case now! I bought it from Love, Teacup Kisses. Can't wait to show it off later tonight and hopefully get some looks over it :D I can always buy more later. Need to collect them all.

I used to collect tons of stickers many years ago and never even used any. Of course, I don't have any of those now. :( I remember thinking a sticker would be ruined or go to waste if I plucked it from the sheet and put it on something. As if it was permanent haha.

I was also one of the winner's for a giveaway and look at this beautiful piece!! Octopus girl ahhhhh ♥ so perfect! This is going in a frame asap. I can't stop looking at it

Adorable branding! Have you also seen Avo Art?

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