Modcloth Dress up for grabs

I can never have enough floral. I should look into owning other things. Maybe more stripes? haha These pictures didn't come too well since shade was so tiny!  Too bright and hot already.

Some of you already know that Bella's surgery has failed. Now she's in a much more dangerous situation with her intestines out. It's horrible to have to go through it again. The repair only lasted a week and we were told to go elsewhere. Somewhere with an actual surgeon with better tools. It really makes me angry. I was under the impression that they had that already.

We would really appreciate it if you could share our You Caring page.

I have added clothes here. This dress is also up on Ebay! I'm trying to get as much as I can on such short notice. Hoping to be less of a hoarder once this is done.

Right now I'm distracting myself with some sketching and reading Sailor Moon. I read too fast so I'm nearly done :( If anyone has any recommendations for a good cutesy manga, please suggest!!

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