Nautical Design

This was a fun design to put together. Played with an old program to create some freehand vectors. Never noticed how often I rely on shortcuts until it doesn't work in other programs! haha

Minty Fox Designs

Here's a little shop announcement:  I'll be raising my prices slightly soon due to higher demands. Last day to get buy at these prices will be April 30th!

Blogging will be put on hold for a short while. Our new external hard drive decided to turn into RAW randomly. Which means I can't access my files and I have to use a recovery program to get it back.  I do not recommend Seagate hard drives at all.  It's recovered 3 GB out of 65 GB so far... very slow process when I'm needing things off it! Time to get a different brand and look into online storage.. it seems so expensive right now. Very annoying.

Hope your Thursday is better than mine!

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