RIP my little lionbear ♥

This month has had some stressful moments and it got so much worse Friday. We lost Tiger. It seems unreal because he was just fine then quickly deteriorated. It was too late to do anything and I feel guilty over it. :(  I've had him since I was 6/7 years old.

It was just not the way I imagined and I had to calm down my other dogs. Eevee wasn't even out there to witness anything but she started to shake so badly and hide. Bella did come up to me and consoled me with random kisses.

Tiger has a brother from the same mother, not litter. He's the black fluffy old man puppy.  He's turning 16 in a few months and kind of freaks me out.  Generally dogs live to be around 10-12 years so I have already prepared myself but it still wasn't enough.


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