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Thank you everyone for your comments about Tiger! It feels empty without him and have already caught myself expecting him to be around the corner. I already know when Bella's around I will think for a second that it's him. They have nearly the same color of fur!

I have decided to work a little less and start enjoying life more especially in time for summer activities. I wonder if I can pull this off because I think I'm a workaholic and I like keeping busy but mostly with productive things.

My lovely and super tech-savvy boyfriend recovered my whole hard drive. Thanks to some of your suggestions-- I went with a Western Digital! The day before my hard drive decided to hate me, I was attempting to organize everything and had over 25 folders from just 3 months. Too much? Not enough? haha

Also new hair! I needed a change and attempted to strip out my hair color. I'll probably make a post about that since I tried out some new products that were awesome. The middle area had a tint of green and pink. Being impossible and annoying.

necklace- gift  | top- thrifted  | skirt- forever21  | nose jewelry- c/o bodyjewelrypiercing

All of my maxi skirts probably need 5 inches cut off. I think it's a requirement before summer hits that I pull my sewing machine out and fix it. Super short tripping over clothes forever. Is it easy to hem? (If it is, I'm sure I would mess it up.)

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