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These are from my birthday weekend! I didn't take many pictures because of the heat and we were having too much fun. After that little trip, I can't complain about how hot it is here. It could be worse haha. Why is that so difficult these days to take a camera out and just shoot? Number #1 summer goal!

top- forever21 |  corset- orchardcorset | jeans - charlotte russe | plugs- AvenueB (etsy)

I wonder if this is the first appearance of jeans on this blog? High waist yesss!  It has been over four weeks wearing my new corset. Orchard Corset is coming out with a mesh one eventually. I'm hoping it releases in time for summer. I don't know how long I'll keep up corset training for but for now, strengthening up my core is a must! Process has been slow for me. Started out with doing planks for 20 seconds (dying, so badly out of shape) and now I can hit nearly 2 minutes.

I'll love to work out with a routine but it's something I haven't done in forever and it's really stressful on my body.  I can't seem to do cardio without my body going into anxiety mode when my breathing changes drastically. Does this happen to anyone else?

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