BodyJewelryPiercing Review

I received a package from BodyJewelryPiercing.com full of goodies! I got two different plugs, nose studs and tongue bars. My favorite part about this website is that you can actually buy plugs individually. Sometimes I lose just one and don't want to fork over $20+  for a new pair. Just remember to change the quantity to 2! :D

I occasionally wear silicone plugs for comfort/sleep. I like the pink plug the most because of the double flare!  It was a little beast to put in and I know it'll be pretty much impossible for this one to fall out.   This white acrylic plug has a much more gentle double flare.

These are my new favorite nose studs! These are the crystal ones that shine multicolored. I have finally converted to wearing the curved nose studs rather than the L shaped.  These actually stay in much longer than the other ones I've worn.  It takes me a little while to put these in but it doesn't fall out in my sleep or anything.  It is awesome.  I ordered these in titanium!! Yay more nickel free jewelry please.

(clearly do not possess skills for nails :D ~)

It's my first time using a flat disc for a tongue bar! I's different but I like it. It took me ten minutes to get used to wearing it. It's really comfortable to wear because of the smooth top! I've tried out the heart one but it just moved around too much. I think that would would need extra time to adjust to the shape :)

Overall the quality is much greater than the expensive kind I've gotten in stores. I like quality at an affordable price so I can stock up!  I already want more plugs and to try out their blackline nose studs.

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