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Maxi skirts are always super long - short girl diaries

I wonder if my dresser will become full of mint/teal, stripes and floral/daisies? I'm afraid to get something that's different and I'll never wear it again. I originally wanted to do something small for my birthday like head over to San Francisco to thrift. Not really possible with my spending ban haha. My boyfriend shared one of his ideas and it was so much better than that!! We are going to visit someone awesome~~~!! I have been on the road before so this will hopefully be a breeze for me. We're heading down towards San Diego.

I am not used to the sun being out at 8pm.  It makes taking pictures at a time more convenient for me impossible!  There's very little shade and lots of hot spots. Does anyone feel uneasy leaving your camera out in the heat while you take some pictures?

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