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My boyfriend and I made this skirt together earlier this year. It was a fail, btw. I can probably get away with wearing it by pinning the side and having everyone keep their distance. ;D I thought two people would be better than one in trying to tackle a project like this. Nope, we equally suck. We accidentally put a piece on the wrong way and we were too far into it to want to start over. We also put in a side zipper for the first time.

We followed this tutorial by Annika from The Pineneedle Collective. It wasn't a complete fail because it does look alright BUT it was made too large. Our mistake!

I'll like to attempt this tutorial again and probably with elastic as well. I'm glad that this wasn't my top favorite fabric! I am clinging onto the pretty ones until I'm confident with sewing.

What's your latest craft projects?

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