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I saw this and knew I had to have it! The dress is from Love21.  I really love it. It's called Sea Life if you want to get it. I'm not really familiar with their sizing. It's supposed to be a half size larger than Forever21 and had to go through  reviews to help me pick a size.  The waist is really open though so  a belt really helps.

The lighting was so pretty, I bugged him for a normal picture! He always makes me laugh too much and 90% of those pictures he made a funny face secretly.

I also picked up a few things. I have been trying to take better care of my skin by at least cleansing twice a day, removing makeup and using some masks/treatments.  My skin gets worse when I stick to a routine so hoping this time it will work.  That sheet mask left me with very smooth skin and no redness the next morning!! I think it's funny it's for blemished skin and the packet says do not use on pimples.

I have been working on some hats. The first one is Sailor Moon :) It just needs a little more sewing then it'll be complete! 

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