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Earlier this year I had started to read Sailor Moon again. I sketched out some scenes for funsies. It's much easier for me to draw something that I can see rather than from my imagination. I did do a drawing of Princess Bubblegum below that's slightly NSFW but I swapped "naughty" bits with candy nips.  I have been using copic's ciao markers.

I remember hearing a lot when I was young that you can't be a real artist if you use references. I just don't care. It's been helpful to practice some poses when I'm blanking. I started to learn some anatomy as well to hopefully engrave it in my head.  I'm not one of those people that everything has to be 100% correct.  I think understanding it better would make it easier to get a basic form down.

I have actually never worked with markers before. It's intimidating. I did get Copic's colorless blender to help fix spillage out of the lines haha.I hope to get a laptop and scanner soon! It seems impossible to get decent lighting without a lightbox.

Sailor Chibi Moon copic ciao markers
Strawberry booty copic ciao markers

Sailor Moon copic ciao markers
Princess Bubblegum

I may be missing from the blog for a little bit.
Bella had an uncontrollable seizure Sunday night that escalated to clusters which lasted over 2 hours. This was a first. It was terrifying to rush to the vet and wait.  They said they can usually stop it.. which planted horrible thoughts into my head. :( The bill for an overnight stay was going to be $1300. Isn't that crazy??  We took her home instead and kept an eye out for her.  We were going to put her on medication soon but this incident sped things up. She's doing much better now. She won't be herself for 2 weeks at least. 
We have a Youcaring page up right now if you'll like to read more/share/contribute! 

I have been contemplating whether to make another Etsy just for my handmade things.  This feels like the extra push that I needed. I'll be adding Sailor Moon hats to it!

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