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Mungo Crafts - handmade hoodie Mungo Crafts - handmade hoodie

When April of MungoCrafts contacted me about doing a review for a hoodie, I was super excited! I am familiar with the shop since a few years ago and recently browsed through it again :)

Every hoodie is always one of a kind. They are made with fleece, thrifted sweatshirts, and/or vintage materials.  I love looking at it closely because of how well made it is. The quality and craftsmanship is really amazing. It has strong stitching and I know this hoodie will last a long time. I'm jealous and wish I had sewing skills... Plus loving this awesome flap hood design.

Mungo Crafts - handmade hoodie Mungo Crafts - handmade hoodie

I was able to wear this out in 80 degree weather. The fleece is so soft and comfortable to wear!

Mungo Crafts - handmade hoodie
Another thing that I love about this is it's fitted.  I've worn too many sweatshirts and hoodies that made me feel like I was hiding under the bagginess.   I'm short but the length is perfect because I'm covered when I wear leggings. 

Handmade items are always extra special to me. Little touches make for the best brand IMO.  It has a handmade hand printed tag inside.. it's very comfortable! I'm known to rip out itchy tags haha.  I also really adore these business cards. 

Mungo Crafts
Mungo Crafts

Highly recommend!  The colors and print combinations are unique. I already know I'll be ordering one in the future.

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