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Switching things up by pairing skirts with dresses. I may need new skirts to magically appear?? I should probably just get some elastic and use up my fabric instead. Not the good, pretty kind though haha! I know it's not officially summer yet but it really feels like it.  The heat is nice and not unbearable yet, you'll definitely hear about me melting on Twitter when it happens. 👌

Being creative comes in bursts for me and I always try to take advantage of it. Sometimes I start too many things and get distracted then eventually too unmotivated to complete it. It reminds me of my many past crochet projects always becoming WIP's forever. Right now I'm working on a few designs. Recently had a client fall through so I'm wondering if I should add that one to my shop.

I didn't realize how much I missed crocheting. I donated most of my craft supplies months ago and slowly started to regret it. My yarn order finally arrived recently after waiting 2 weeks and now I'm ready to design an Eevee! ♥ I am also thinking about photography again. I should do it! Summer plans will happen. I do want to do a shoot that is more candid and fun but with pretty hair, makeup and clothes haha.

 👽 A few days ago we saw a UFO from my window. I want to believe it was a toy because I WANT IT.  I know exactly where it was last seen and thinking of going there to find out.  It was so awesome and creepy to see it move so fast and in all sorts of directions! It actually got closer but we didn't hear any noise. My boyfriend recorded it on his phone but the video really doesn't show the movement OR colors well. Of course I got caught up in the excitement to even think about taking my camera out. Plus it being a full frame wouldn't capture it close enough anyways.

Does anyone have stories to share of any weird stuff?


Sharing the video with you all!

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