High Waist OOTD + Amigurumi

Crop Top- thrifted Top/Shorts- forever21 Shoes- Payless
I go through all of my shorts before the week is over. Probably should pick up some shorts or yoga pants for working out.  I'm really not down to wear jeans anymore especially with the heat and how constricting it is. These black moccasins were my favorite!  I got these before summer and they are no longer soft because I've worn them way too much.  Lazy comfy shoes. I'll probably get a new pair at the end of the year.

I showed a little peek at something I've been working on. All guesses were wrong though! haha It was a gift to my mom since she's turned into an even older old lady (do you read this?! bahaha) Koala time! It looks EXACTLY like my doodle.


Summer OOTD + Crafts

Floral Dress
Floral Dress

Dress- thrifted  Belt- forever21   Necklace/Ring- gift

I nearly forgot about this outfit! We went to the beach a few times and I've had a tan lingering for weeks now.  The color near my roots keeps fading to a weird dark blonde and I've been mixing various shades in attempts to cover it. The sun is super awesome at fading it so I've been avoiding it.

Do you have any recommendations for a lavender dye? 
 I'm thinking of trying a diluted mixture rather than Ion Brights!
I came across my perler beads while I was cleaning. I decided to make some things with my super teeny board. This just reminds me of my pixel drawing days and those sprites of Sailor Moon and Pokemon.

Dratini and Shiny Dratini Panda-Bear Chick

Ebay had some larger boards and it was free since I used my leftover eBucks :D. The one I got was only $2! Of course I had to make an Eevee first haha

Happy friday!! ♥


Azure Naturals Ultimate C Serum Review + Giveaway

Azure Naturals Ultimate C Serum

I finally have better habits with taking care of my skin and I wanted to branch out with some serums.  One product I have been using morning and night for a few weeks is Azure Natural's ULTIMATE C Skin Repair Serum! This item was sent to me to review and I'm super glad because it's working on me.

I'm trying to stick with using natural products on my skin.  I've paid more attention to this ever since finding out my makeup wipes contained parabens. :(  This serum contains no alcohol, no parabens and it's plant based.  What makes it even better is that it's cruelty free!

Azure Naturals Ultimate C Serum
Okay what is Hyalouronic Acid and Ferulic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring carbohydrate in our body. The highest concentrations are found in the skin tissue. This substance holds moisture and can be used to hydrate the surface of your skin.  I'm sure some people think this helps with anti-aging but there's not enough evidence for it.

Ferulic Acid is great for protection against sun damage and fighting off free radicals. It's a powerful antioxidant that strengthens Vitamin C and E which this product has both!



Normally my skin has uneven tones and lots of redness.  I used a small amount of the serum all over the face with the tiny dropper.  It only took a week to see an improvement. It's really rare for me to wake up with fresh bright skin since it easily flares up. It stayed this way even after I worked out and took a hot shower.

I haven't experienced any tightness or dryness from it. I can't wait to see how my skin looks in a few months with consistent use. I only wear coverup 1-2 times a week now to give my skin a break.  The results are awesome so far.

Get your very own bottle right here. Use AZUREBLG to get 30% off! This coupon expires July 30th.

 You can also enter this giveaway to win a bottle :D Thank you, Azure Naturals!

This giveaway is open to US residents only.

Remember to check out their Facebook and Twitter. ♥
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Cute Finds

Little Mermaid Dress

I'm really into handmade dresses lately.  I love the little scene at the bottom. 

I'll love to see the process for this.  It's amazing.
This is adorable! I also like the deer butt one too haha

Wondering where this came from??! TOO ADORABLE.

Art Print
Amazing detail on this piece :D

Fox Temporary Tattoo
Because foxes, yes??

tumblr @almybee

Jealous.. this is so amazing and tiny. How?!

The Little Mermage
Now you got me intrigued. This is something I would be interested in reading or watching. Both please haha.

Deer Necklace

How cute is this? I love the little painting!

Turquoise Messenger Bag
I really like this. Of course I'll always want turquoise/blue everything.

Owl Planter

Handmade indoor planter?! Loving it!  I took a clay class before and I'm not that great at it. All the details on this look so complicated to me haha.

What have you found lately? :)


Velvet OOTD {+ Fitness}

I cleaned for 6 hours straight yesterday trying to organize and get more space for supplies. It's great to finally come across things hidden away.. like this dress!  I own too many black items so it just blends in.

dress- forever21

I am a slacker and being way out of shape made it difficult to stay consistent. I will be healthy, fit and flexible. Earlier this year, I began working out and focusing on strengthening my baby arms which means I can finally carry those heavy grocery bags haha. Recently I decided to start off small and stick with 20 minutes: half yoga and half of a workout.

I did Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred  for two weeks but started with only 10 minutes of it then later working my way up to the full video. I took little breaks and it still really helped me build strength and endurance. Now I do three different videos every day to change things up.

Quick Full Body Stretch
Core Strength
Core Strength for Beginners

The last link was found on Grokker. I've had an account on there for so long but didn't use it. There are tons of free videos on there for yoga, fitness and cooking.  That one can feel intense if you aren't comfortable with downward facing dog/planks.

The belly did stick around even though I don't drink beer as often anymore.  The bloating looks like it's gone. I'm curious to find out whether I'll be able to tone the jiggly part. My core is really weak so I'm focusing on that and flexibility.   I would love to be able to do a roll up but it seems impossible haha.

Here's some extra videos! These are my favorites from Cassey Ho's channel:

Stretching for Flexibility
Intense Ab Workout
5 Best Exercises to Flatten your Lower Belly 

What are your favorite workouts/videos?


New Look

Yes, a new design already! The old one might have lasted a month? I didn't keep much track. Well, that was my attempt on straying away from the usual mint and black&white colors. I couldn't stick with it anymore and went back. :D This was super impulsive. I'm surprised I was able to do it in such little time. I really like the font Oswald! It reminds me of Bebas.

Slowly building up a stash of yarn again. This shipment took way too long for a delivery across the states. Super disappointing but at least I didn't pay full price! Craft store with an app that has weekly coupons was the greatest idea ever.

I have a little secret gift I'll be working on.  No hints or anything because they might be reading this!! 


OOTD: Blue High-Low Dress

Forever21 Blue Dress

I would like this dress in every color. This is my first and only piece of clothing with a cut out in the front. It's hidden since I was wearing my corset underneath and it looked a little weird down. Maybe soon I'll wear it normally? haha

Forever21 Blue Dress

We went through storage recently and I unearthed many more of my old shoes. Most need a good cleaning but hey, BLUE heels! It feels weird because I only wear platforms or wedges. Surprisingly I can walk in them still but it feels a little like a balancing act.

Forever21 Blue Dress
Forever21 Blue Dress

The cut out: Forever21 Blue Dress
dress/top- forever21   shoes- thrifted   necklace- gift

I listed up so many amigurumi/plushies. This is the last of my stock that I'm trying to clear out. I used to have more than double this amount earlier this year, isn't that crazy?? All amigurumi is $5 and under right here. All those orders get a little drawing in their package. 

Blue Kitty Octopus

Have a great weekend!! 


Eevee Amigurumi

Eevee Amigurumi
I'm such a procrastinator. I finally finished this recently. Eevee has always been one of my favorite Pokemon! (You will soon find out my other favorites ;D) I redid some parts because I'm picky but I think it looks decent for a first design. Some changes will be made whenever I do a second design. :)

It's 10.5 inches tall and the head is 4.5" wide. Body to tail is 6" wide! It's one of my largest amigurumi designed by myself. I have made Umbreon before using Wolf Dreamer's pattern but never completed it.

Eevee Amigurumi Eevee Amigurumi Eevee Amigurumi ' Eevee Amigurumi

I haven't shared much craft stuff and was wondering if anyone would want the pattern for this?

I can put some free time into testing it, making corrections, photographing and have it available on the blog (and in PDF form). If there's a demand for it :)

 Eevee with Eeeve
Eevee with Eeeve!
My internet has been horrible for over a week now. The connection continued to stay down after resetting it multiple times. :( It took me 3 days to respond to someone's message because it kept failing. Super annoying! Usually when this happens, I'm able to use my phone.. but it's also not working well either and I can't send out orders that way.

If you need to contact me, please use Twitter instead of email or even maybe Instagram! It's the only two apps that can mostly work  -__- Hoping this issue resoluves itself soon. At least it's working today.

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