Cute Finds

Little Mermaid Dress

I'm really into handmade dresses lately.  I love the little scene at the bottom. 

I'll love to see the process for this.  It's amazing.
This is adorable! I also like the deer butt one too haha

Wondering where this came from??! TOO ADORABLE.

Art Print
Amazing detail on this piece :D

Fox Temporary Tattoo
Because foxes, yes??

tumblr @almybee

Jealous.. this is so amazing and tiny. How?!

The Little Mermage
Now you got me intrigued. This is something I would be interested in reading or watching. Both please haha.

Deer Necklace

How cute is this? I love the little painting!

Turquoise Messenger Bag
I really like this. Of course I'll always want turquoise/blue everything.

Owl Planter

Handmade indoor planter?! Loving it!  I took a clay class before and I'm not that great at it. All the details on this look so complicated to me haha.

What have you found lately? :)

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