Eevee Amigurumi

Eevee Amigurumi
I'm such a procrastinator. I finally finished this recently. Eevee has always been one of my favorite Pokemon! (You will soon find out my other favorites ;D) I redid some parts because I'm picky but I think it looks decent for a first design. Some changes will be made whenever I do a second design. :)

It's 10.5 inches tall and the head is 4.5" wide. Body to tail is 6" wide! It's one of my largest amigurumi designed by myself. I have made Umbreon before using Wolf Dreamer's pattern but never completed it.

Eevee Amigurumi Eevee Amigurumi Eevee Amigurumi ' Eevee Amigurumi

I haven't shared much craft stuff and was wondering if anyone would want the pattern for this?

I can put some free time into testing it, making corrections, photographing and have it available on the blog (and in PDF form). If there's a demand for it :)

 Eevee with Eeeve
Eevee with Eeeve!
My internet has been horrible for over a week now. The connection continued to stay down after resetting it multiple times. :( It took me 3 days to respond to someone's message because it kept failing. Super annoying! Usually when this happens, I'm able to use my phone.. but it's also not working well either and I can't send out orders that way.

If you need to contact me, please use Twitter instead of email or even maybe Instagram! It's the only two apps that can mostly work  -__- Hoping this issue resoluves itself soon. At least it's working today.

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