High Waist OOTD + Amigurumi

Crop Top- thrifted Top/Shorts- forever21 Shoes- Payless
I go through all of my shorts before the week is over. Probably should pick up some shorts or yoga pants for working out.  I'm really not down to wear jeans anymore especially with the heat and how constricting it is. These black moccasins were my favorite!  I got these before summer and they are no longer soft because I've worn them way too much.  Lazy comfy shoes. I'll probably get a new pair at the end of the year.

I showed a little peek at something I've been working on. All guesses were wrong though! haha It was a gift to my mom since she's turned into an even older old lady (do you read this?! bahaha) Koala time! It looks EXACTLY like my doodle.

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