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I cleaned for 6 hours straight yesterday trying to organize and get more space for supplies. It's great to finally come across things hidden away.. like this dress!  I own too many black items so it just blends in.

dress- forever21

I am a slacker and being way out of shape made it difficult to stay consistent. I will be healthy, fit and flexible. Earlier this year, I began working out and focusing on strengthening my baby arms which means I can finally carry those heavy grocery bags haha. Recently I decided to start off small and stick with 20 minutes: half yoga and half of a workout.

I did Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred  for two weeks but started with only 10 minutes of it then later working my way up to the full video. I took little breaks and it still really helped me build strength and endurance. Now I do three different videos every day to change things up.

Quick Full Body Stretch
Core Strength
Core Strength for Beginners

The last link was found on Grokker. I've had an account on there for so long but didn't use it. There are tons of free videos on there for yoga, fitness and cooking.  That one can feel intense if you aren't comfortable with downward facing dog/planks.

The belly did stick around even though I don't drink beer as often anymore.  The bloating looks like it's gone. I'm curious to find out whether I'll be able to tone the jiggly part. My core is really weak so I'm focusing on that and flexibility.   I would love to be able to do a roll up but it seems impossible haha.

Here's some extra videos! These are my favorites from Cassey Ho's channel:

Stretching for Flexibility
Intense Ab Workout
5 Best Exercises to Flatten your Lower Belly 

What are your favorite workouts/videos?

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