Polymer Clay!

I'm determined to learn how to sew and make things with clay.  I'm focusing on clay for now since it *might* be easier for me. The sewing machine hates me and probably will need assistance with haha. I redid a mold for the ice cream cones awhile back and finally got to use it yesterday. It looks better!

Some colors I got need EXTRA conditioning.  Usually it's good but there's still a few that continue to break off in pieces no matter how long I do it for.  Does anyone know how to get it cooperate?

bows are difficult.

I made a little batch last night and I'm seeing an improvement.  Less fingerprints and less specks haha.  These were fun to make but extremely messy since I was experimenting.  My kind of cupcake would be strawberry, covered in mostly whipped cream and have cherries/strawberries. Not quite a fan of desserts but I do like cool whip!

Mini Cupcake Charms
Mini Cupcake Charm

First mold vs new mold for the cones.
Ice Cream Cones  Clay

I was going to mention an awesome sale for clay over at Jo Ann's website but upon checking that sale ended. Boo!  A few are still discounted but still it's closer to $2-$3 per block.  I took a peek at Michaels and a few select brands/types are on sale for only $1.50.  If you're interested,  you should use their coupon code STORAGE101 for 10% off including sale items until this Saturday~

What do you want to see me TRY to make? XD 

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