STYLE: Black and White

Striped Crop Top and Black Skirt

I need to get awesome at remixing items. Normally I stick with high waist maxi skirts and crop tops but why not shorter skirts instead? I'm pretty short so there's little risk in getting a very short one haha

These shoes were found at a thrift store awhile back and I recently went through storage to find the SAME pair but in a smaller size.  I don't think those were mine but I stole the straps from it anyways! One needs to be fixed before putting the straps on :D

I'm on Day 3 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge! I'm doing this on top of my regular routine-- Blogpilates August Death Calender. If anyone's down for the challenge~

top/skirt- gojane  shoes- thrifted  necklace-gift
I've been really stressed out lately and having no motivation long enough to do some things even though I need to. I'm generally a happy person and I like being that around others because I hate talking about slumps or depression. Especially when I just get overwhelmed with the feeling and I can't explain why.

Best ways to cope for me is pampering, eating lots fruits, photographing, yoga or just forcing the smiles. Smiling when you have anxiety (and working out!) was one of the best pieces of advice given to me. Any distractions helps!

What are your quick pick-me-ups?

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