STYLE: Remixing Crop Tops & Dresses

Modcloth Dress

I cut one of my brown wigs months ago and came across it again recently. It needed a new cut and some flat iron! It reminds me of my natural hair. Mine is actually brown but I've always dyed it orange or black. I don't hate natural colors but on me, it seems ~bland~

I put a crop top over this dress since it's baggy in the bust. Not sure if I like it yet!

Modcloth Dress
Modcloth Dress

top- f21 | dress- modcloth | shoes- payless | wig- ebay

Do you ever get a bunch of ideas right when you're about to sleep and you think you're going to remember them by tomorrow? Yet you don't. That's usually me! Well, I actually got up and wrote it ALL down. I now have a full page of things I'm hoping to do soon!

I noticed that some people have similar ideas too. I doodled a particular thing that night and the next morning on Instagram, someone posted the exact same thing in amigurumi form. Whoaaaa, right? haha It's awesome that they made it! That sort of thing has been happening around me lately and I've been a little hesitant to create things myself.

It reminds of situations from middle school with catty girls. Pointing fingers at you for stealing and copying ideas. Definitely something I'll roll my eyes to because they were so entitled to things that were oh so original. I don't know who else went on message boards when they were younger but I was on a couple and happened to witness online bullying (Over stealing ideas from pixel art and graphics. Stupid, right?) People are supportive and willing to share more these days.

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