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Billion Dollar Brows
Billion Dollar Brows products

I wanted to try out this on the little eyebrow I have and see the lasting power of it all together. Billion Dollar Brows contains a universal brow pencil, smudge brush, concealer & highlighter pencil and brow gel.

First I used a primer then applied the brow pencil with hair like strokes. The pencil can be applied lightly for blondes and you can build it up for darker shades.  I used the concealer around the whole brow to clean it up. The only thing this kit is missing is a sharpener haha.

Brows brush

The brow gel smells like kid's bubbles bottle. I actually like that haha.  I used the brush from that to help smudge the whole brow since I lack those long/unruly hairs. Brow pencils are a product I normally steer clear of.  I am surprised to say that this actually stays on longer than my dipbrow/gel liners. I wake up looking like I grew them in overnight and I only need a touchup.

The smudge brush was mainly used to blend the line of the outer brow. I applied the concealer and highlighter with it too after cleaning it off. The color is lighter than what I normally wear and  it does  have a more natural appearance.
Brows  Before
Brows After

I never thought a kit would work on me but I'm sold! This kit will be available in Kohls 
starting October and will be priced at $34.99.

A huge downsize of this kit is that the concealer is only for light skin tones. I hope there's another box with darker shades. I think the "universal" brow pencil shade is okay. I don't think this can get past a medium brown but lighter brows on dark hair really soften the face anyway.

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