STYLE: Lace Collar Floral Dress

Vintage Floral Dress
dress- instagram | shirt - f21 | necklace - gift | shoes - thrifted

I've already worn this dress three times before taking pictures.  I really love it!  It actually ties in the back and still looks great without wearing a corset.  The lace and floral are so pretty. I'm having a tough time saying no to floral pieces. Can't. stop.

It's finally Friday and now that I've gotten a number of things done, I don't know what else to do with the free time.  It can be anything since I'm not procrastinating and I'll have no regret! haha

Vintage Floral Dress Pastel Lilac Lavender Blue Hair
Vintage Floral DressVintage Floral Dress

Last weekend I decided to work out during the weekends. (Noooo.)  I really want to build up strength more especially in my weak baby arms. I want to become more active during the weekends and be less of a lazy hermit lady. So I have thought about picking up hiking again. We used to do that but walking uphill  for 1 hour was horrible and I was always out of breath. I'm sure I can do better now. This reminds me I still need to get my film developed from a hike!    What are your plans for the weekend?

You can find a few floral dresses from The Braided Bandit with pretty collars ♥

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