STYLE: Sailor Pluto Hat & Lace Collar Cardigan

cardigan- "thrifted" | top-forever21 | jeans- charlotte russe | shoes- thrifted | hat- handmade

A three day weekend always feels like a mini vacation. This was one of the first summers that I have actually enjoyed. I have many good memories compared to previous years of being miserable. "I want to go out and do things but also not go into the oven to dies" .

I don't have any cardigans. Layering fail! I had a navy one but every time it went out for a wash,  it was gone for weeks. Still have no idea where it is. At least I have this one! :D I love that it's not itchy (super yay!) and it has a pretty lace collar.  Buying things from instagram counts as thrifted, right? hahah.

"I never get to eat." face  (even after eating Eevee's plates clean. Nope, never eats.)

I tweeted recently that I went out to the bathroom for 1 minute and came back to my burger being 80% gone thanks to her mouth. ಠ_ಠ  She actually opened my container AND did her "I just ate!" dance after. The medications turn her into a sassy, starving beast.

eevee burrito
Eevee's a burrito ^^

Now that I work out nearly every morning and sweat like a beast, a hair rinse is a requirement or I feel quite gross. Unfortunately, 1-2 cold washes with just conditioner seems to take out my lavender anyway!  :( :( :(
I may part with it sooner than I wanted to..  I'll document if it happens since there's always a few people curious in the process of turning it into a faded poop color to the new color(s) lol

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