Leggings are pants

tops- thrifted leggings- forever21 shoes- payless ring- spacegeekshop

I went to a thrift store with my boyfriend since he had to put together a costume. It is impossible not to go through the racks and I needed long sleeves for myself anyway. Anxiety hot flashes made layering impossible and uncomfortable years ago. I still don't own that many layering pieces or long sleeves... my wardrobe is pretty much 90% summer attire!! Yay for not living in snowy areas!

Every top that I got was only $6. It's so rare to find things that cheap in our thrift stores. Has anyone else gotten lazy with the new season? I'm going to challenge myself to dress up more and learn the art of layering from Marlen's posts! 

I hate that my to-do lists are forever long but soon I'll be caught up. I have no more openings for custom designs until the next year but my shop is having a sale on all orders of $10+ for a limited time. Use 25FALL for 25% off! I need some extra money for somebody's birthday coming up 😜


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