OOTD matches my hair & crafts

dress- thrifted | skirt- Bear and Twine | shoes- thrifted
I've been trying to pair more dresses with skirts but it's usually floral against more floral haha.  I need more plain color dresses or awesome prints! Most of my wardrobe is for summer so I wonder how long that's going to last before I wear a hoodie nonstop. I know some of you have been experiencing the weird weather in California. It's freezing in the morning and gets as high as the 90s fast. :/

Missing a day or two feels equivalent to a week sometimes. I have all kinds of craft projects I want to do and have been taking advantage of it before the procrastination hits.

Space Geek

My favorites are the bats and mini oreos! I'm going to work on a cat very soon.  Space Geek is my new name for the handmade shop since I've partnered up with someone :D I'll have more details on that once we get more settled.

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