Sai Paint Tool: Luna Hat

Luna Hats

I had a rare moment of wanting to draw. I am loving all the art I am seeing from #inktober especially from Tatyana , Tori and Juliana. I was feeling a little inspired to actually open up Sai Paint Tool and get my tablet out. Usually I do a sketch on paper, take a picture of it and then go over it in the program. One day I will have a scanner again.

I am into pastel colors lately and I really wanted to do a girl with mermaid minty hair! I don't want to challenge myself to draw everyday because then I won't do it. I really want to get more experience and eventually develop a style at the speed of a snail apparently.

Luna hats will be available very soon! I also plan to crochet some Artemis and Diana colors as well. I don't know why I'm so into Sailor Moon everything.  Even though I'm a slacker watching the shows and reading it!  :(

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